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Ethical Guidelines for Reviewers

    These ethical guidelines have been adapted from ethical principles outlined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). They serve as a framework for ensuring ethical conduct in research, writing, and peer review processes within the Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences.

    Ethical Guidelines for Reviewers

    These guidelines serve as a framework to ensure fairness, integrity, and professionalism in the peer review process. Implementing these principles can help maintain the credibility and quality of the journal's review process. The ethical guidelines for reviewers cover nine topics:

    1. Confidentiality: Reviewers must respect the confidentiality of the peer review process, keeping manuscripts and their content confidential. They should not share, discuss, or use any information from the manuscript without permission.

    2. Constructive Feedback: Reviewers should provide objective, constructive, and honest feedback to authors, aiming to improve the quality of the manuscript. Criticism should be courteous and expressed clearly.

    3. Competence: Reviewers should only accept manuscripts for review in their areas of expertise. If they feel unqualified to review, they should inform the editor promptly.

    4. Objectivity and Impartiality: Reviews must be conducted objectively, without personal bias or conflicts of interest. Reviewers should declare any potential conflicts to the editor.

    5. Timeliness: Reviewers should complete their reviews within the agreed-upon or reasonable timeframe. If unable to meet the deadline, they should inform the editor promptly.

    6. Acknowledgment of Sources: Reviewers should alert the editor if they suspect plagiarism, fraudulent data, or ethical concerns and should point out relevant published work that has not been cited.

    7. Recognition of Author's Rights: Reviewers should respect the intellectual independence of the authors. Any personal criticism should be expressed with civility.

    8. Openness to Dialogue: Reviewers should be open to further discussion with the author if needed and willing to provide clarification or further information on their review.

    9. Adherence to Journal Guidelines: Reviewers should follow the journal's specific guidelines for reviewing, as provided by the editor.


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